Introduction: A Shoe Makeover

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  Salut everyone! Are you ready for spring as much as I am? Are you digging out your summer shoes already? All those pretty cork wedges, platforms, slingbacks, sandals..... Are you ready to slip your feet into something spectacular? Well, there is some work involved though- and you have to love ruffles....  


You will need:

- A pair of denim wedge sandals. (I bought mine at Walmart for $15) - Mod Podge - Fabric (white & flowers) - Rickrack or Ribbon - Felt  


1. Brush mod podge evenly with a medium sized brush on the denim of the shoe. 2.-4. Lay fabric on the shoe and trace the edge, where the denim hits the wedge. Cut along your trace. Start gluing fabric from the bottom to the top. Glue as you go. 5. Cut fabric on the upper part, you have to kind of guess the shape. Later you can adjust. 6. Make little cuts in the curves, so the fabric does not make folds. 7. Cut fabric for the peep hole, glue on to the shoe. 8. Cut a 2 inch white piece of fabric, fold it in half and sew a ruffle.

9. Sew it to the front part of your shoe. { And yes, it's a real pain in the butt!} Cut rickrack to the right length, glue it in place, on top of the ruffle. After glue is dried, sew it to the shoe as well. 10. The mod podge can get a little stiff when it's dry, so to make it comfortable in the back, glue a piece of felt to the strap. Make a fabric flower and attach it to one buckle.

11. Paint your toenails red, slip your feet into your new creation and walk the walk! Enjoy jealous looks from other girls....

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