Introduction: A Simple Chestnut Home Decoration

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Hello everyone!

Today we're making these super simple chestnut home decorations! These definitely screams AUTUMNNNNNNNNNN!!!!

Things you will need:

-Chestnuts (mine are the non edible ones)

-School Glue

-Sponge applicator or a painting brush

-A lot of GLITTER! :)


1. The first thing that I'm doing is to apply some school glue with my sponge applicator to the white part of the chestnut (I don't know what it's called, since I'm using these non edible chestnuts, I found earlier today when I was out for a walk with my dog)

2. Then I'm going to quickly dip the part of the chestnut with glue, down in my glitter that I've already poured up in a little bowl to make it easier and faster to dip the chestnuts. -After that I let them dry for about 10 minutes.

3. When I'm 100% sure that they are dry, I'm taking a hairspray to spray over the glitter. This will seal the glitter and prevent it from falling off.

4. Now you're done and you can decorate with these anywhere in the house:P I decided to put mine in two small glass jars; one for the chestnuts with gold glitter and the other, for the ones with silver glitter:)

Btw I have a YouTube video link for this DIY, so you can go watch if you'd like:)

Have a nice day everyone!!

Step 1: