A Simple Drill Speed Controller

Introduction: A Simple Drill Speed Controller

Those who have intention to use their electric drill as a lathe might be interested to look at this device. As you know, the drill speed is controlled by pressing the knob situated at the drill’s handle (provided the drill has an embedded electronic speed controller). My device allows you to control the drill speed while having your both hands available for holding the cutting tool. The video shows you how the device works. I made this device when I needed to quickly AND economically transform my drill into a wood lathe to manufacture wheels for a child’s cart.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

Pieces 1, 2, 3 are made of a 9.5 mm thick pine board, you can also use plywood. The size and shape of the cut in the piece 1 would depend on the size and shape of your drill’s handle. Pieces 4 should be made of hard wood, I made them of oak. Piece 5 is a ready- made item (a plug to cover holes in furniture). The drawings are available right here.

Quantity of pieces:

piece 1 - 1

piece 2 - 2

piece 3 - 1

piece 4 - 6

piece 5 - 1

I used a wood saw with small teeth, drill with bits, sandpaper on small wooden bars (to make chamfers and polish surfaces), a metal file, a knife, a screwdriver.

Step 2: Assembly

I would suggest the following order:

1) fix two pieces 2 on both sides of the piece 1 (use glue)

2) drill two holes Ø2.8 in one of the pieces 2 according to the drawing. (These are clearance holes for the not threaded parts of the screws). Countersink the holes for the heads of wood screws 3 x 25 mm. Fix the pieces with screws.

3) fix an M5 nut to the piece 3 concentrically with the hole in the piece (use glue). Fix pieces 6 around the nut (use glue), cut the parts of the pieces 6 that extend beyond the edges of the piece 3

4) fix the piece 3 to the pieces 2 (use glue)

5) insert an M5 nut into the bottom hole of the piece 5, fix the nut with glue or epoxy resin

6) make a fillet on the threaded end of an M5 screw. (This will avoid damaging the drill's handle by the sharp edge of the screw). Insert the screw into the piece 5.

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    4 years ago

    That's a great idea. I have a drill stand for my electric drill. This would be just perfect for to control and adjust the speed.