Introduction: A Simple, Inexpensive Real Guitar to Rock Band Pro Mod Thingy

Yeah, long title. Anyway, I working toward an easy, cost-efficient way to use your real guitar for Rock Band Pro! Awesome! I'll show you how I'm gonna do it in this instructable.

So, without further ado...

Step 1: Materials

So, here's what you'll need:

-Guitar (obviously)

-Some way to connect the guitar into the computer

-A software application called "MIDI Guitar" (

-USB-to-MIDI Cable (Important that it's MIDI OUT)

-MIDI-Pro Adapter for Rock Band 3

Step 2: Steps

1. Connect the guitar into the computer using Line In or M-Audio or whatever thing your using for input

2. Connect your USB-to-MIDI cable

3. Start up MIDI Guitar and set the input to your device, and MIDI output to your MIDI cable

4. Connect your MIDI OUT to the MIDI-Pro Adapter, connecting that to the console

5. Viola, your finished!

Step 3: Work in Progress

This is incomplete, so I'll keep updating this until it's good. That's all, thanks for your patience :3

Step 4: Oh, And, Uh...

I want people to test this and say if it works for them or not, listing what they used. I'll put what I used, using a format that I want you guys to use as well.

GUITAR - Fender Starcaster

LINE IN - M-Audio MobilePre


WORKING - In Progress

So send me what you used and if it works, I'd really appreciate it ^-^