Introduction: A Simple Jewerly Box

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Hailz everybodie !

I built this jewerly box few years ago out of scrapwood to train me making dovetails (actualy those are my first dovetails). I used scrap oak and scrap ipé to make this box. It turns realy nice. I don't have lots of pictures i'm sorry for that.

Step 1: What You Need to Make Your Own

- oak
- ipé
- handsaw
- chisels
- handplane
- measuring tools
- finishing products
- and that all I think

Step 2: The Box

I began to make the dovetails joints using my hand saw and chisels. Only two tails needed. Make sure everything is square and glue it all. Mhm, before gluing I made a groove all around inside to insert a piece of plywood.

Step 3: The Lid

I glued 2 pieces àf ok together and cut it to the size of the box. I made a rabbet all around and glued 4 pieces of ipé with miter joint.

Step 4: Finishing

Sand it all and apply any finishing products you want. I use simple varnish here. Then, I glued a piece of red felt to make it prettier.

That's done !

Thanks for watching and make sure to visite my youtube channel and my website for more woodworking projects. See ya guys !