A Simple LED 555 Timer Circuit

Introduction: A Simple LED 555 Timer Circuit

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Required Items For Above Circuit.

1.Bread Board2.555 Timer3.470 Ohm Resistances(2)4.1k Ohm Resistance5.10k Ohm Resistance 6.Connecting Wires7.20uf Capacitor(16v)8.9V Dc Battery.

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    5 years ago

    Please include with your project, text based instructions. Having a video is great, but there are those out there (like myself) who are hearing impaired and cannot always understand everything which is being said in audio dialog of a video. Thank you.


    Reply 5 years ago

    ok man i will try to mention in my next projects and thanx for the suggestion though and if you aren't able to here the audio in this video tell me i will upload the steps with it in text and please do tell me your suggestions in making my next project i.e what project i should make next ,,,so that it will help you.