Introduction: A Simple LED Cube 2X2X2

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This LED cube was developed using 8 green LEDs and Arduino Uno microcontroller while it only needed two resistors for managing the two planes done of 4 LEDs each. After visiting

,you can upload the code at:

Step 1: Bill of Materials

What you will need:

1 Arduino Uno

1 5cmX7cm PCB

1 40-pin header for arduino shield

8 5mm LEDs

1 USB-A to USB-B cable

2 100 Ohm resistor

Step 2: Assembling the LED Cube

This is an easy construction because it only has 8 LEDs. That is, you are going to connecting the 4 cathodes each other in each plane of the 4 LEDs. Once you has finalized with the previous actividad, you will have to construct othar plane of 4 LEDs. After that, you will interconnect the free anodes in each plane respectively. For uploading the code, you can visit:

Then, upload the code at:

Step 3: Installing the Resistors

Once you completed all of connections of your 8 LEDs, you will have to install the resistors of 100 Ohm and the pins of connections toward the arduino. That is, you will have that checking step by step if everything is OK so that you are done and your work can be success. Note the bigger points are the 4 anodes will be connected to the Arduino pins 2, 3, 4, and 5 correspondingly while the 100 Ohm resistors will be connected to A0 and A1 respectively.

Step 4: Completing the Project

Once completed the project, install the shield by mounting it on your Arduino Uno to proceed to upload your Arduino code at:

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