Introduction: A Simple Machinist Storage Rack

Through a series of unfortunate and unforeseeable events I recently lost my job of 5 years. I guess one door closes another one opens and i started an apprenticeship as a machinist and fabricator with my father. My aim is to throw myself in at the deep end and get making random little things to practice my skills. First thing was sorting out my tools and giving them a home so i started with this.

As everyone's equipment and needs are different it would be wrong to spoon feed you the information, trial and error is the key to learning. make sure to check the next slide with what i screwed up and how id do it differently.

P.S normally im not a fan of the video only instructable, i filmed it all for youtube before thinking it might be valid to post here. I will be making a new one as this one isn't quite right, doesn't have a spot for the dividers and i don't like how the calipers go in.

Step 1: Evaluation

An important step in every project is evaulation.

Lets list the problems with the final outcome and how we can change them later or in the next iteration.

-I found more tools afterwards that really need a home. Its simple to make another unit to replace this or an addition.

-This holder only really holds one of each, if someone else grabs my paint pen i need to hunt for another. As with the first point this can be easily changed by adding more later.

-The caliper holding part is just a mess, I sort of have to twist and bend them to get them out of the holder, also i have 2 sets here so one lives on the desk. I could open the slot wider to make it easier to get in but it still only holds one pair. Probably the best option is to make a separate holder for multiple verniers in a different orientation.

-The holes aren't symmetrical. Yep this little thing makes the whole project look stupid.

thanks for coming.