A Simple Maths Trick

Introduction: A Simple Maths Trick

Hello Everyone! i want something from you, chose a number between 1 and 10 (without decimal point) then multiply that number with 9, then add numbers together then multiply it by 5..... believe it ot not, answer is 45!

how i did it? a magician never reveals his secrets! but this is an old one so.. :P

Step 1: Why Nine?

Why did i wanted from you to multiply the number with 9? why not 8, 6 ,7 or even 2!? Nine has a special property, when you look at the nine multiplication table what do you see? at first just a bunch of numbers but if you think about it you'll see the special part! let's say 6 X 9 it's will equal 54 let's add these 2 numbers together 5 + 4 we will get 9! that's the most important part of the trick without this it wont be possible!

Step 2: Make It Little Special.

Now you can just stop and say that the number is 9 but the second time it won't work because the person front of you will realize it and the trick will be revealed, but if we make it little longer then it will become invisible that's why i wanted from you to multiply it by 5, so you can make it longer by putting addition like 54 + 4 = 58, then more multiplication 58 X 2 = 116, and subtraction 116 - 6 = 110 but keep it simple so it won't be a torture.

Step 3: That's It!!

Now you can Trick Your friends and test their attention and knowledge. thank for reading please like and share see you soon!

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