Introduction: A Simple Origami Cat

This is a diagram for an origami cat, designed by myself. I find it really easy to make, and hopefully you guys will as well!

This is made from a single sheet of square paper. If you don't have square, you can look up how to square off a sheet of paper, it's easy!

Please use the photos I have taken to make it easier to see what folds go where.

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Step 1: The First Folds

Begin with the paper white side up, if using two coloured paper. Fold the paper in half down the diagonals and from edge to edge.

Step 2: A Waterbomb!?

Fold the paper down a diagonal, then push in the corners to make a waterbomb base. It will form a smaller square with four flaps

Step 3: I Thought This Was a Cat??

Fold in the corners to the center (picture 1), and fold the top down across the top of those folds. Unfold these three folds. Lift the first layer from the bottom up so that it is folded along the top line you just created. This will force you to squash the two sides down to form an elongated diamond. This is called a bird base. Repeat this on the other side.

Step 4: Starting the Body

Fold the flap we just made down on one side. Turn the model over. Fold the two edge into the center (see picture 2). Now open that little flap on the side, and fold the tip up behind itself. Close the flap, and repeat on the other side (this is called an inside reverse fold, see picture 3 for the completed step).

Step 5: Squashing the Head

Firstly, fold the top top down so that the crease is just above the folded in layers. Now open the tip out (see picture 2) and fold the tip down again. Squash the head so that it forms a pentagon. Lift a little tab up to make the nose.

Step 6: Tail Time!!

Turn the model over again. Fold the tip at the bottom up to the side (see picture 1). Now fold the flap up to thin the tail (picture 2). Fold the tail that sticks out from the model around to the front.

Step 7: Ear We Are

Finally, squashed the top of the head down slightly to form the ears, and you have your cat!!

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