Introduction: A Simple Rose - Instamorph Buildnight

Hola brochachos and señoritas, I've come to announce my creation with the Instamorph Moldable Plastic. Along with the reveal I will explain how to create such a magnificent build. I am a Freshman from Arroyo Grande High School and am part of the Maker Space class.

In the steps below, I will test your worth and see if you are capable of crafting The Rose of Aphrodite. For all you lovebirds out there, stop waking me up so early. But in all seriousness, this is definitely a gift you will want to give your significant other. They will be impressed by your awesome crafting skills, and you will tell them that the handsome and intellectually superior Bryan taught you everything.

Step 1: Getting Instamorph

First step: Purchase a bag of Instamorph, crack it open to make sure you weren't lied to(Darn liars). Get a pot and put water in it and burn the hel.. heat it up to 150(or more) degree fahrenheit.

Step 2: Pouring the Instamorph

Step 2: Carefully pour the Instamorph balls into the pits of Tartarus, or the pot, either works fine. Let it heat up until all the balls have become transparent. Prepare your tongs and do some practice clicks with your tongs, like in the movies.

Step 3: Pulling Out

Step 3: Activate your pull out game, and retrieve the instamorph from the pot with your tongs(Careful, you could get a bad burn).

Step 4: Molding

Step 4: Molding begins in this step, simply flatten out the instamorph then just make a lot of fold and push them together. You can use extra Instamorph to create a stem for your rose. You have now made a rose, this simple guide was brought to you by the Maker Class at AGHS.