A Simple Solution to the Infamous Helping Hand's Problem




Introduction: A Simple Solution to the Infamous Helping Hand's Problem

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Recently , i bought one of those cheapy helping hands , and i started to note that the "hands " were wearing off , So i tried to found a clever ( and Cheap Of course ) Solution to this small problem
The Problem Is This : The Set Screw Was Crushing The Old Aligator Clips

And Guess what , ??


And i decided to Publish This

Step 1: Materials + Tools Needed

For The Proper Execution Of This Instructable You Will Need :

1 A Regular Skewer ( Bamboo Recommended)
2 Banana Plug Alligator Clips ( such as This Ones You Just Need 2 )
1 Piece of Heat Shrink Tubing ( at Least 1 inch long And 1/4 inch wide)

= Needle Nose Pliers
= Kitchen ( or similar ) Scissors or snips
= Ruler (Milimetric preferred (BTW 1 inch = 2.54 cm))
=A lighter
+ A Pen ( Not Shown)
Critical Working Gray Matter

And Of Course Your Old Helping Hands ( I forgot to Take A Pic ;) )

Step 2: Prepping the Alligator Clips

This is simple , just remove any insulation in the alligator clips

Dispose them properly .... if desired .

Step 3: Measure Once, Cut Twice

First Measure the part of the clip, that was protected by the insulation (Approximately 11 mm )

Write It (or memorize it ) down

Then cut two pieces of 11 mm of the Quarter inch HST

Step 4: Errrrr , Cut Four Times

Also Cut Two 11 mm Pieces of Skewer

TIP: Trace with ruler And Pen, Then Score them with the scissors and snap'Em with needle nose pliers)

Step 5: Improve the Alligator Clips

This Step Is Critical , Since the skewer will be the support of the alligator clip (thus , the set screw in the helping hands will not crush it )

Insert Each small piece in each Aligator clip

Then , Using Needle Nose Pliers , Apply a little pressure so the piece of skewer won't fall

Step 6: Collocate Heat Shrink Tubing

Just Slide the Tube in

Step 7: Heat Shrinking the Heat Shrink Tubng Using a Non-Heat Shrink Gun As Heat Source

I Made A Small video

You Don't Need to tell me , i know i took it too serious ...

Please Aovid To burn It ;)

Step 8: Re-assembling the Helping Hands

This Step is Easy Just Put All together Again
Follow The Pictures if necesary ,
Then Screw Again The Set-screws ,
Using A Little of Brute Force ,
But Taking Care Of Not Breaking It
Oh By the way , You're Done already

Step 9: Thanks for Watching

I Hope this instructable is helpful to you , I hope You enjoyed it

Feel Free to upload You comments , advices , Picture Or whatever you want ,

See ya!!

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    10 years ago on Introduction

    A 12d box nail is 0.136 inches in diameter and fits up inside mine perfectly. I found this out about 20 years ago. I put the nail in, then trim the excess. Measuring is to be avoided whenever possible.


    14 years ago on Introduction

    interesting solution to the problem! nicely done! what's the song in the heat shrinking video?


    Reply 14 years ago on Introduction

    hahaha ! that song was literally MADE for instructional videos !!!!