A Simple Technique to Keep Ants Away From Your Sweets

Introduction: A Simple Technique to Keep Ants Away From Your Sweets

Mission: To prevent sweets/candies from Ant attack !


a) As a Bachelor staying away from your family (especially when you are a boy), it is quite difficult to maintain our house as our mom does. Purchasing costly Air-Tight jars and keeping all sweet things in them to prevent it from ants is cumbersome and not cost effective.

b) Also, killing ants on sight is something I don't like. Why to kill any living being.

Materials Required: A shallow plate or bowl; Water

The Technique/Jugaad: As depicted in the figure, the box of sweets to be prevented from ants is kept in a shallow plate filled with water. Ants can come almost anywhere but not water. That's the trick. They don't like to dive in water and swim.

One can keep their candies or open pack of chocolates or any other thing in a small bowl, which can be further placed in the water filled plate.

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    6 years ago

    Add some washing up liquid to the water to break up the surface tension. Then the ants cant skim over it to your candy stash.