Introduction: A Skateboard I Like

This skateboard is very practical, light, safe, easy to use and low in production cost.

Step 1: Step 1: Make the Bottom Plate

Select a square to adjust to 53 * 20 * 1

Step 2: Step 2 Production [double Warping]

Select the round roof to rotate 90 degrees along the Z
axis, and adjust it to 19.12 * 20 * 10.5

As shown in Figure 2-2, segment

Copy and paste the shape and adjust the hole to 19.62 *
20 * 5.27

Move up appropriately


Select a dome roof and set it as a hole as shown in Figure 2-5

Adjust to 18.6 * 20 * 8.9

Choose a rectangle of equal size

Combined split, set the resulting shape to hole

Figure 2-9 shows a warpboard obtained by combining and

Copy and paste to get the second warpboard, which
rotates 180 degrees along the X-Y side

Combination of two warps and plate surface

Get the whole layout as shown in Figure 2-10

Step 3: Step 3 Make Wheels

Select a tire

Adjust the tire to figure 3-2

Select a cylinder and multi-point cylinder to adjust to
17.5 * 5.4 * 5.3

Combine the shapes in 3-4
to get Figure 3-5

Figure 3-7 is obtained by combining figure 3-5 and

Choose a meta capsule

figure 3-6.

Using the combination of cylinder and polygon to get 3-8

Combine to get 3-9

Step 4: Step 4 [wheel Group]

Select a cube 4:3 in length and width

Place four orange cylinders (not tangent) at 4-2 corners

Get 4-3

Combine figure 3-8 with Figure 4-3 to get Figure 4-4

Combine a cylinder with Figure 4-4 to get figure 4-5

Figure 4-5 and figure 3-9 combine to get figure 4-6

Step 5: Step 5 [combination]

Copy and paste figure 4-6

The bottom plate and 4-6 are combined to get figure 5-1.

Step 6: Step 6 [decorations]

As shown in Figure 6-1, the height of the word maker

composed of letters is adjusted to 0.1.

The height of the word "BiliBili" composed of
letters is set to 0.1, as shown in Figure 6-2.

The figure of figure 6-3 is composed of a soft light box
and a rectangular and circular roof.

Height set to 0.1

Figure 6-4 is composed of two circles and three

Cut the ring

get Figure 6-5

Combine figure 6-7 with figure 6-3 and figure 6-2 to get
figure 6-7

Combine figure 6-1, figure 6-7 and figure 5-1 to get the
finished product figure 6-8.

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