Introduction: A Sneaky Soda Can Safe

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Here is a simple instructable that can prevent family members coming into your room and taking your valuables. The soda can safe is a clever yet secure way to confuse oncoming friendly marauders.  

Step 1: Materials List

You will need...

1. can opener
2. a soda can (Pepsi is easiest to remove top)
3. foam core, paper towel or spray insulation... your choice
4. some kind of jar or canister. (I used a small jam jar i had left over)
5. Hot glue

Step 2: Putting a Hole in the Can

First clean your can so that it doesn't start growing bacteria. simply guide the can opener around the mouth of the can and make a clean cut around so that you have the top of the can in a disk to work with.

Step 3: Holding Installation

This part is probably the trickiest. I advise to use a product called Great Stuff which is a spray insulation that expands and turns into a very decent foam holding material for your jar. I was cheap and made this project in less than 15 minutes and used bunched up paper towels to take up space. as you can see in the photo above i estimated how much paper towel to put in and had to fit it around the jar to keep it in place. the good thing about Great Stuff is that while it is expanding you can go ahead and place the jar in the perfect position, and if it expands to much over the jar you simply cut it off with a utility knife.

Step 4: Making the Cap

In this last and final step all you need is the piece of soda can you took off and the lid of the jar you chose. It is pretty self explanatory. all you really need to do is just hot glue them together as in the photo.  Now when everything dries put them together and you have your very own soda can safe! have fun!

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