A Spool Holder

Introduction: A Spool Holder

The task of our project was to create a spool holder that had to attach onto the table. The spool holder needed to hold tape, string, and wire. It needed to meet the criteria of pulling the material off easily, and without the actual holder slipping off the table.  

Because the spool holder is attached to the edge of the table, there are elbows on both sides, with two more gripping onto the edge, wrapping around the table.

Materials Needed:
·      2  15” in PVC pipe *
·      2   6” in PVC pipes *
·      2   4” in PVC pipes *
·      2   T joints
·      8   Elbow joints
·      4   1” in PVC connectors *
·      2   2” in PVC connectors *
·      2  2.8” in PVC pipes *
`     1  16 1/2" in wooden dowel *

*Depending on how wide your table is, the PVC pipe measurements might have to be adjusted.

Step 1: Assembling the Material Holding Rod

Take the one 16 1/2" in wooden dowel and connect 1" in PVC connectors onto both ends of the wooden dowel.

Step 2:

Off of the 1" in PVC connectors on either sides of the wooden dowel, attach one elbow joint onto both sides.

Step 3:

Off of the elbow joints, connect 4" in PVC pipes to both elbow joints. 

Step 4:

From the 4" in PVC pipe, connect one T joint to both sides.

Step 5:

Going from the top of the design, where the holder is on top of the table, connect one 6" in PVC pipes to both T joints.

Step 6:

From the 6" in PVC pipes, connect an elbow joint to both sides facing inward. 

Step 7:

Connect a 15" in PVC pipe into the two elbow joints, fitting perfectly into the space provided. Make sure the pipe is laying flat on top of the table. 

Step 8:

Going back to the T joint, from the opposite side you recently worked on, attach a 1" in PVC connector onto both sides. Make sure half of the 1" in PVC connector is sticking out. 

Step 9:

From the 1" in PVC connector, attach one elbow joint facing down to both sides. 

Step 10:

After the elbow joints, place a 2.8" in PVC connector to either sides, also facing downward.

Step 11:

Then take one elbow joint, placing it right after the 2.8" in PVC connector, and face with elbow joint down, trying to make it look like the holder will grip onto the edge of the table. 

Step 12:

From the elbow joints, connect a 2" in PVC pipe to both sides facing into the table. 
Then connect an elbow piece to both sides, facing the the right angle right, inward. 
From the two elbow joints, place a 15" in PVC pipe in the space given. 

Step 13:

Your design is now ready to be attached to the table. 
Placing it onto the table, have the wooden dowel facing horizontally, upward. 
On the last 15" in PVC pipe, place it  by latching it on top the table, being firmly gripped. 

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