Introduction: A Steampunk Mini PC

I needed a PC with a COM Port to program my micro controllers.
So I started thinking and I found, that it could be a good idea to have in the same style, than my monitor, keyboard an mouse.
Beside this, I found some nice brass applications, like the tiny brass roll. Th idea comes in mind, to use this as the power on switch for the computer.
The housing was made of MDF.
The meter that shows that power is on is an old French meter, that sows irregular results. But for the power indicator it is good enough.
The HDD indicator was made from a green LED and a stained marble glued inside a brass knob for furniture.
The switch was made from a micro switch inside the case, a brass roll, and a ball nut.

Now let´s have a look inside.

Step 1: The Mainboard

The CPU FAN was terribly loud and I decided to use the case fan for cooling the CPU as well.
Its working fine and the CPU temp. is always below 45 degrees C.
I used a MICRO PSU Power supply that fits directly inside the Power connector of the main board.
It gives enough power for the board, the HDD and the external TFT.

Step 2: The Cabling

The cabling was standard.
The fan was a bit loud, so I connected it between +5 and +12 Volt to operate it with 7V.
Now its quite and cool enough.
On picture 2 you can see the small wooden block that hides the micro switch where the small cord is connected.
If you pull the cord, the power goes on.

Step 3: Back Cover

The backplane was made of brass coated aluminium.