Introduction: A Storage Box in the Shape of a House

At my table in the house I always have lots of small things laying around like keys, name cards, pencils, coins etc

I used to put them in a small basket but that does not look very organized and definitely not nice. So I made a storage box in the shape of a fantasy house, something that reminds of my younger years when I build rail road houses for my trains.

It can be used for many things to store like jewelry, makeup or on an office desk.

Step 1: Getting Started and Plans

The DXF file is complete and you will need 2 x 4 mm plywood sheets from 800 by 400 mm

Building the house is very easy see the picture of the layout and lay the parts on a table first in the right order and than glue them together



fast drying wood glue

a knife

painters tape

wax to protect it

Before I glued the house together I took some sand paper to get rid of the burn marks from the laser. You can do that also after you put the house together but then you lose a lot of details.

Step 2: The Drawers

Glue the little drawers together first and use some tape to hold them as they dry.

Step 3: The Bottom and Sides

Then glue the bottom, sides and middle parts together and put the front parts in at last. Don't let the glue dry, you need to put these parts together in one go, so you can make some corrections

Step 4: The Roof

At last you can put the roof together I used some tape to cover the places where I had to glue them because it is very difficult to get rid of glue remains after it is dry.

Step 5: Fineshed

I leave it up to your fantasy's on how to finish the house, you can paint it or use some bees wax just use what you prefer. It looks very nice if whit some LED's in it too

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