Introduction: A Super Sturdy IPhone Dock From Scrap

So, I've always wanted an iPhone dock because they just look amazing. But the problem is all the docks I find online are pretty out of my league in terms of price. I just wanted something simple and sturdy. Not made of paper. So, finally after months of futile research, I decided to make my own!!!

P.S. This is my first Instructable. Don't be cruel!

Step 1: The Materials

I had this cheap cable lying around and a few days ago, the covering of lightning port just broke off. I saw the exposed cables and decided to make the dock! I'm sorry I don't have a picture.

I found some scrap 4cm wide door trim (The black one) which was about 2 cm in height.

I also used some scrap 3 cm wide and 1 cm tall white door trim for the base of the dock.

I used 10 wire nails in total and one empty tape dispenser roll.

I also used some 10 Rupee (about 15 cents?) M-Seal (Two part epoxy resin) to hold the cable in place. It was the only part I actually paid for.

Step 2: The Wood

I successfully managed to cut a 10 cm piece of the black trim with a hacksaw. (Not as easy as it sounds! That thing is as tough as rock.) I then drilled a hole the size of the connector 3 cm from one end. I wanted to drill a channel in the bottom of the wood to accommodate the wire but I didn't know how to. I thought of running the drill sideways but then thought better and ditched that idea. I roughly sanded it to remove most of the black paint to give it a rustic look.

I cut two 10 cm long pieces of the white trim and nailed them to the bottom of the black trim to raise it up. This gave place for the wire to run. I used 3 nails on either side and it held pretty well. I sanded this as well to remove some of the uneven bumps caused by the paint.

Step 3: The Cable

I then stuck the lightning connector in place with M-Seal and ran the wire through the gap in the white trims. I also put some more M-Seal to hold the wire in place underneath. I then gave it a few hours to cure.

Step 4: The Support for the IPhone

Initially I thought that the M-Seal would solidify hard enough to hold the weight of the phone. Well no, It just started bending and threatened to break. So I placed an empty roll of scotch tape behind the phone and put two nails behind it for support. I also put a nail on either side to hold the roll in place. It works surprisingly well!!

Step 5: The End Result

Well it looks just amazing. And it works perfectly fine. I made the entire thing from scrap, waste materials and stuff lying around at home. I only spent 10 rupees for the M-Seal (15 cents.) All in all, I'm pretty satisfied with my handiwork.