Introduction: A Super Tom Collins

About: John Kramer and Mark Fleming are SuperTenders serving the comedic and cocktail needs of the Chicago Improv Community.

The Tom Collins may be the most misunderstood (and ordered) cocktail in the land, mostly because so many people think its made with Vodka, when in truth it is a Gin based drink. So The SuperTenders are here to set the record straight.

Step 1: What You Need to Make a Tom Collins

You'll need a shaker cup to properly mix all these ingredients together. Take note of the fact that we're using a Old Tom Gin, not a London Dry Gin. Old Tom is a sweeter type of Gin and is available under brands like Anchor and Tanqueray

1.5 oz Old Tom Gin

Juice from 1/2 of a Lemon

1/2 Tablespoon of Bar Sugar (the Collins Brand works great)

Soda Water

An Iced Collins Glass

Lemon wedge and Maraschino Cherry for Garnish

Step 2: Mix It Up

Now combine together the Gin, Lemon Juice and sugar into your shaker cup. Cover the cup and shake the ingredients together vigorously for a few seconds.

Next, strain the mix into an iced Collins Glass and then fill the glass the rest of the way with soda water.

Add a lemon wedge and Maraschino Cherry for Garnish and you're done!

Step 3: Now Enjoy

Now sit back and enjoy your Super Tom Collins and watch our fun video for more detailed instructions.

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