Introduction: A Table From a Live Edge Slab

This is a very easy but beautiful,it is my first project and took me a couple of days,
Anyone can make this and get beautiful results.


piece of wood,
a sanding machine,
shiny coat for wood,
dark wood paint,
screws,a drill,table feet.

Step 1: Put Your Hands on a Live Edge Slab

I bought this one in a shop that sells wood,
it took a while to find it, but once I did I know this is what I'm looking for,
it was so long it didn't fit in my car, I had to ask them to cut it in the middle,
So I decided to make 2 tables, one is permanent, and the other one has wheels, which I can role in and attach when I host a large number of people.

Step 2: Sand the Wood

First I tried to use sanding paper, really quick I discovered it will be too hard.
So I borrowed a sanding machine and sanded both sides (although one side might be enough)

Step 3: Painting: Shiny Coating & Dark Edges

I wanted to leave the wood in the natural color and I just added a shiny coating,
In addition, I colored the edge in dark wood color. Then, I let it dry completely.
I use screws and a drill and some extra wood to attach it to the wall, but that depends on the construction you have and where you want to put your table, in the next step you will see how I attached the other slab to feet.

Step 4: The Other Slab - Connected to Feet

While the first part is drying,I connected the second slab to feet with wheels,so I can move this table from place to place in my house.

Step 5: Add a Coat to the Second Slab

Add a coat to the second slab or leave it natural if you like you can see the difference between the glossy coat and the natural wood,I decided to have them both with the glossy coat.

Step 6: Final Result

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