A Tin Can Snoot for Studio Strobes




Introduction: A Tin Can Snoot for Studio Strobes

This is a tin can snoot for a studio flash. It is compatible with many different lights, including Speedotrons and Alien Bees. It will not match a professional snoot, but the material cost is under $5.


Use 1 large can (24 oz beer can, 520 ml Grace Coconut Water can )
Or use two small/medium cans the same size (2-3" in diameter) Important: The bottom of one can should just fit into the top of the other. Grace Mackerel cans work well.

The Metal lid of a 8 inch round cookie tin. It should be just larger than the standard reflector on your light.

Black Spray Paint

Spring Clamps

Pop Rivets

If you are using two small cans, cut the bottom off one and join them together to create one long narrow can. Cut a small hole in the centre of the cookie tin and the bottom of your can. Pop rivet them together. Spray paint the interior black to stop reflections. The snoot is used to create a circular spot of light. You can see effect on the back wall in the zombie photo.

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    13 years ago on Introduction

    Nice job, but it needs some descriptive pictures for each step. Just my opinion. Good job though!