Introduction: A Valentines Fortune Teller-are They the One for Me?

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I am going to show you how to make a Valentines Fortune Teller (cootie cacther) so you can find out if your secret love loves you back!
This is just for fun and may not give predictable results!
Enjoy and Happy Valentines Day everyone!

Sorry as there is lots of photos-I went a bit picture-mad!

Step 1: Make the Fortune Teller!

Now, You Will Need:
•A blank (both sides) A4 piece of paper
•A black pen
•Different coloured pens!

Step 2: Make a Square

Now we need to make our rectangular piece of paper into a square. You can do this by simply folding from one corner of the rectangle and bringing it across to the side of the paper. Then trim off the excess. This also neatly creates one of the folds too!

Step 3: Crease!

So now you need to fold twice diagonally, then once up and once down. This creates a star-like pattern!
Look at the pictures for help!

Step 4: Fold!

So now fold the outer corners into the middle, starting with the bottom right corner. Crease the edge so it crisp! Try to be neat as this is a important step.
If you cannot see the middle clearly repeat Step 3 until you can! The try this step again.
Fold all the corners into the middle. Now flip it over and repeat again, folding all the corners into the middle!

Step 5: Fold!

Fold over, then open out, then fold the opposite way.

Step 6: Open!

Place your fingers inside the two gaps, one finger in each gap or whatever is comfortablest for you! Practise the snip-snap motion (pictures 5+6)
This helps the creases to be crisper before you write on it!

Step 7: Flatten and Draw!

Now you need to flatten out your piece of paper so you can write on it.
Take your pen and draw 4 large pink hearts onto the outside of your fortune teller!
Now number them, 1, 2, 3 and 4! Make sure they are pointing to the outside so when you open it out they will be pointing in.
Now flip it over and draw 8 red hearts on the inside. Add another colour into the centre and draw that colour small hearts around the bigger heart!
Repeat with all the red hearts!

Step 8: Plan+Draw!

Now you need to work out what each flap is going to say. This fortune teller is meant to tell you if you+someone else are good together or not. Make these on a scrap piece of paper and try to create 3 good answers, 3 bad answers and 2 okay answers.Open up a flap and draw a line down the centre to make two 'boxes' now write each one out seperately in each half of a flap.You might want to co-ordinate them with the colours (e.g pink=good response) but I didn't. Also you could add little pictures to illustrate the meaning.

Step 9: Draw!

Now you want to draw a picture in the middle of your fortune teller. I chose to draw hearts with 'Happy Valentines Day!' in the centre!

Step 10: Play!

If you can't read my writing, this is what it says:
How to Play:
Ask the fortune teller: 'Are me and............... a good couple?
Pick a number and open and shut the cootie catcher the amount of times.
Pick a colour, spell it out and snap the fortune teller. Pick another colour and open up the flap of that colour.
This is your result!
Happy Valentines Day and enjoy playing!

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