A Very Annoying Alarm

Introduction: A Very Annoying Alarm

Some people have a hard time waking up in the morning, so this Arduino project is made for them. This project is made for those who are tired in the morning and are late to work or school. They could be kids, or businessmen, or the elderly. This is an alarm that runs away from you, or around your house, while spilling water so it’s harder to catch. Be cautious about making this, because it triggers people easily and you have to clean up.

There are three parts to the project:

Part 1 : Alarm body construction

Part 2 : Wires, motors, sensors...

Part 3 : coding

Step 1: Materials

Here are all the materials that you will need:

- scissors

- art blade

- a cardboard box of your want (mine was 12cm*17cm*12cm, but I recommend a bigger one)

- a bendable straw

- a bottle preferably with a diameter of around 7 centimeter

- tape

- ruler

- 18 wires (4 male to male, 14 male to female)

- two 6v dc motors

- a plastic bottle with the diameter of 6

- two power banks (more than 6v)

- a sound sensor KY-038

- two L298n motor drivers

- two arduino gear motor dual shafts (3v or 6v)

- one ultrasonic sensor hc-sr04

- 4 male crocodile clips

- two pin to usb Arduino connectors

- your choice of Arduino board

Step 2: Create the Base

- put your box sideways, measure 4.5 cm. from the side, make a mark, then measure 8 cm.

- cut 5 cm from the top in a straight line, then continuing to the adjacent side for 5.5 cm.

- do the same to the other side separated by the 8 cm measure

- push the dented part in, put don’t rip it apart

(This is where you will put your phone)

- Below where you put the phone, roughly cut a circle with a diameter of 1.5 cm with a art blade

- measure 8 cm, then cut another hole

(This is where the ultrasonic sensor goes)

- on the top, cut a circle with a diameter of 6 cm (this is where your bottle will go)

Step 3: The Leaking Water

- use the bottle with a diameter of roughly 6 cm. that you have, and put the cap on it

- find your bendable straw

- measure 6cm. from your bottle, and cut the rest off

- cut a hole in the bottle cap for the bendable straw to poke through

-measure 15cm. from your bendable straw, and cut the rest off

- bend the straw at around a 30 degrees angle

- put the straw through the hole you cut in the bottle cp

- secure the bendable with tape so water doesn’t leak

- put the whole thing in the circle you cut on the box

- see where your straw is, and cut a hole so the straw can poke through the back of the box

Step 4: Wiring and Connecting the Devices

For these steps, you may utilize the space you have in your box, so it might look different than what I have. (Also mine was really messy because I had a small box)

- first, put your breadboard inside

- put a Arduino gearmotor on one end of the box, and have one side of the shaft sticking out by poking a small hole with scissors (be sure to connect the wheel)

- put another gearmotor on the other end (have a shaft poking out too, and connect the wheel onto it)

- be sure to put each motor driver on two different ends on top of the gearmotor

- connect the ultrasonic sensor, then put it in the little holes you’ve cut at the beginning

- connect the wires shown in the picture (be careful, there might not be a lot of space)

- don’t forget to your Arduino board in too

(Note: the purple line in the picture are crocodile clips)

(Another Note: I put my power banks outside because I didn’t have enough space in my box)

Step 5: Coding and Finishing Up

I've separated the codes into three parts:

1. the ultrasonic sensor code

2. the sound sensor code

3. everything combined together, which is the code you will use

Ultrasonic sensor code: https://create.arduino.cc/editor/kai012345/18d01331-d63c-416d-9f4d-193767bd4079/preview

Sound sensor code: https://create.arduino.cc/editor/kai012345/ffbe3997-0713-416d-a873-1e3acb44bce6/preview

This Arduino project's code: https://create.arduino.cc/editor/kai012345/3fd25c88-7c1f-4d2b-8206-4d6c7b899993/preview

Here is my final result (I didn't put water in the bottle; feel free if you want to): https://youtu.be/eVlWQnRp_eQ

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