Introduction: A Very Basic Sandwich

sometimes you are home alone and just need something easy for lunch. well this is for you a very basic sandwich for your very basic needs.


2 slices of bread

1 bottle of mustard

2 pieces of turkey

one knife

Step 1: The Bread

take the bag of bread and remove 2 slices of bread from it and place them side by side on your plate.

Step 2: The Meats

take your meat out of the bag for me it's turkey but it can be salami or any other meat.

after you have taken it out of the bag carefully place it onto the bread and give it a little smack.

Step 3: Sauce

after the meat has been placed on the bread take the other slice of the bread and apply as much sauce as you think you need.

it changes from person to person.

after that spread the sauce around with your knife.

Step 4: The Chop

the chop is a very important part of the process.

take your knife and place the serrated edge on the bread in the direction you want it to be cut.

next apply steady pressure and slowly move the knife back and forth while holding the sandwich with your other hand.

be careful not to cut your hand.

and after that you are ready to consume your basic sandwich

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