Introduction: A (Very Crude) PCB Vise

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I needed a quick vise for my electronics work. I looked around and found nothing so I went to my scraps pile. I got a plywood board made some measurements and began to cut check out what I ended up with.

Step 1: ​ Gather Tools and Materials

Tools used.

Router with 1/4 bit


Ruler/tape measure

Materials I was lucky and found an old part from a vise bench I had.

24" x4" plywood board S

ome glue

2 2x6" plywood boards

Nut an bolt

Step 2: ​ Cut the Moveable Jaw

Take the big board(mine was 24"x4) and with the router make a channel about 20mm deep in the middle of the board along the long side. Now measure the length as it is wide. So for me was a 4" x 4" piece. Now mark it and cut it.

Now with the new 4" x 4" piece on bottom measure half the size and drill a hole. Now glue one of the 2 " x 6" plywood boards to perpendicular to the channel. You should end up with a piece like the picture.

In the channel add a piece of plastic or wood this is used to keep the jaw aligned.

Step 3: Cut/Route the Base

Now we need to take the base and measure in about 4 inches from both sides and make our stop marks. We now take our router and make various cuts not forgetting NOT to pass these marks with the router bit. Now we will drill a hole at one side of the board at about 2 inches in. We will end up with a board kinda looking like the one in the picture .

Step 4: Screw Jaw

Like I said I used a screw from an old tool hopefully you can find something similar. With this screw I simply carved a recess in the center of the remaining 2" x 6" board and attached with some screws.

Step 5: Put It All Together

From here it's a bit simple. I took the screw jaw and pressure placed it in the hole I drilled out placed and attached the movable jaw with a bolt and nut. Now we have a very crude PCB vise. Hope this was instructional . Any question or tips I would be glad to hear them.

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