A Very Simple LED Workbench

Introduction: A Very Simple LED Workbench

Hi all! This is my first instructable, so please be kind if I've made some procedure/language mistakes. I will be pleased for any suggestion or correction.

I decided to build a small LED workbench. It's very simple and it requires only a small expence, some recycled materials and little work.

First of all, materials:

- 2 strong easels (I found them in the tip)

- 1 desk (I recycled it from a used one)

- 1 shelf, about 1.5m (10€)

- 2 shelf holders (10€)

- 1 LED strip (12€ for 5m, I used only 1m)

- 1 12v transformer (I recycled it)

- some electrical cables (to connect the transformer to the led strip)

- 10 screws about 4-5cm (for the dowels) (less than 1€)

- 6 screws about 1cm (for the shelf) (less than 1€)

- 2 plastic panels 50x50cm for tools holding (12€)

TOTAL: less than 40€


- Screw diver

- Drill

- Welder

- Insulating Tape

- (Vacuum Cleaner) not necessary, but usefull if you have someone else helping you. Just put it under the drill when you're making the holes to prevent materials fall.

Step 1: Do a Small Design

No matter if it's a simple project, I always draw a sketch.
I find it very useful to understand wich materials do I need and wich tools will be helpful when doing the work.

Due to the fact that I used a lot of scrap materials, I had to size the ones that I bought.
Having a desk of 132x56cm, I choose a shelf of 150x30cm. So 9cm plus on the left and 9cm plus on the right.

Than I had to size the led strip. Considering the remaining part of the shelf (so 132cm), I preferred to put the shelf holders 15cm on the left and 15cm on the right (so it's 15+9= 24cm from the borders).
With this configuration, I had 102cm ( [150-(24x2)]cm ) to paste the led strip and to connect the wires in a good way. So I cut the led strip to obtain a 1 meter piece.

Another reason why I choose about 1 meter, it's because I bought 2 tool panels of 50x50cm. Putting them together, I had a 100x50cm tool panel that just fit perfectly down the shelf.

P.S: in the picture the shelf isn't in the right proportion, but it's just a sketch. Oh! Ignore the italian notes on the right! =D

Step 2: Led Strip Soldering

I had an RGB 5050 led strip, with standard IP65.
I cut 1 meter and, first of all, I had to remove the silicon over the strip. It's very simple but it must be done very carefully.

I done it with my welder. Just put it over one of the cutted side and burn it.
If you do not remove all the silicon over it, there will be no connection between the strip and the 12V transformer. If you stay to much time with the welder over the strip, you will burn the connections too.

When you had all the silicon removed, just weld the electical cables between the transformer and the strip.

Step 3: Just Fix All to the Wall

Now that you have all you need, just fix all to the wall.

First of all, I fixed the 2 panels, so I can decide exactly how to fit the two shelf holders.

As I said at the beginning, you can put a vacuum cleaner under the drill when you're making the holes to prevent materials fall.

After that I fix the 2 shelf holders to the shelf and then I fixed the shelf to the wall.

I put the 2 easels in front of the wall and placed the desk over them.

Step 4: Add the Led Strip

Almost done. All you need to do is to have an electical connection.

Due to the fact that my transformer didn't had a switch, I recycled a multiple adapter with a switch in it.
Then I fix the strip under the shelf (the strip usually have a stickable side) and connect the transformer to the adapter.

Well, all done! A very simple led workbench for your home or cellar.

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    Great job!


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    Very nice and tidy! This looks like a great little workspace :)