Introduction: A Wagg


-3 White 360 degree connectors

-4 red 90 degree connectors

-4 dark blue connectors that interlock

-2 gray 45 degree connectors

-6 orange double sided connectors

-2 gray round end pieces

-3 black square, on point pieces

-2 long gray stick pieces

-9 red stick pieces

-2 short blue stick pieces

-3 small green sticks

Step 1: The Feet

Start with 2 black square on point flat plate pieces.

Connect 3 orange double sided connectors to 3 of the four corners of the plate, and leave one open in the back.

Connect the 2 plates by connecting 2 of the orange connectors using a small green sticks.

On the open backs, connect the 45 degree gray connectors.connect one small green stick to the 2 front orange pieces (opposite of the 45 degree pieces).

Turn all the orange connectors to the solid side up ( there should be no holes facing up).

Step 2: The Legs

Start with 2 red stick pieces.

Attach them at a 90 degree angle using a red connector.

Repeat to make a second leg.

Connect one of the red sticks to the 45 degree grey connectors on each foot.

Take 2 dark blue interlocking connectors.

Interlock them.

Take 2 more blue pieces and repeat.

Connect the 2 sets of interlocked blue pieces with one red stick piece.

Connect to the top of one of the legs.

Repeat for the other leg.

Step 3: Upper Body

Take one long grey stick.

Attach a white 360 degree connector piece to the end of it.

Attach a short blue stick to the white connector so that it is at a 90 degree angle as compared to the grey stick.

Repeat the first steps to create an identical piece.

Using a white 360 degree connector, connect the 2 blue pieces so that they make a strait line.

Turn the grey sticks so they are parallel.

Take 2 red stick pieces.

Attach them at a 90 degree angle using a red connector.

Repeat to make a second arm.

Attach them to the white connectors that the grey sticks are, one section over from the grey sticks, facing outward.

attach the grey sticks to the blue connector pieces on the top of the legs, perpendicular to the ground.

Step 4: The Head

Take a black square flat plate piece.

Attach the plate to the middle white 360 degree connector.


Go to and find the post with wagg.png.

Print out the wagg.png, and tape it to the flat piece.