Introduction: A Wooden Diamond

In this this instructable i'm going to show how to make a wooden diamond. All you need to make it is some sandpaper and wood.You can paint it, make it a pendant, or just make it for fun!

Step 1: The Wood

You will need a rectangular prism whatever size you want your diamond to be.

Step 2: Marking the Wood

Using a pencil draw a line in the middle marking the halfway point and do that to all four sides.

Step 3: Marking the Point

This step will be a big help in forming the point of the diamond. Make a dot in the middle of the top of the rectangular prism.

Step 4: Forming the Point

In this step we will form the point. Get some sand paper and starting at the corner of the rectangular prism sand until you get to the dot you made. Now sand the side opposite from the side you just sanded so that the top part looks like a tent.

Step 5: Finishing the Point

now there is two remaining corners, to those corners keep on sanding them until you reach the dot. Now even out any side that looks too big by sanding and you will start to see a point forming.

Step 6: Enjoy!

Now all you have to do is do the same process to the other half of the diamond and it will be complete!

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