Introduction: A Working Silencer for Your CO2 Airsoft Gun

Ever wondered why a trombone is fluted at the end? Well, I can tell you that its not just for looks. When the sound waves are traveling through the pipe they bounce back and fourth against the walls of the pipe. When they get to the fluted end they move a further distance and they become louder. This silencer works on the same principle, but backwards.
NOTE: This will not work too good on a springer, but will still look cool
ANOTHER NOTE: i know that my silencer on my gun looks pretty retarded, but i got bored one day and decided to make it a rifle(im gonna add a extendable, foldable, stock, hey, another 'ible lol).

Step 1: Tools & Materials

drill (optional)
Spray paint (optional)
file (optional)

P.V.C. pipe (optional)
any tube that fits over the cap on your BB gun and comes to a point at the end
Adhesive (preferably of high quality)
foam insulation tubing ( very thin kind, optional)
nut that fits in end of P.V.C. (optional)
cool stickers (optional)

Step 2: Prepare the Silencer

Now you need to cut off the back and the front off the silencer.
NOTE: cut enough off the front so that the BB has a little space to get through.

Step 3: Putting the Silencer On

Firstly, there are two different methods, one is for a permanent silencer, and one is for a removable silencer. Now, I know your thinking, "why would anyone not want a removable silencer? Well here's the catch, first of all, there's probably some retarded people out there who don't want one, and also you can only do a removable one if your tube fits very snugly.

Method one:
apply adhesive to the orange nib on the tip of your gun and push the silencer on (refer to pictures)

Method two:
simply push the tube on and pull it off when you don't want on.

Step 4: Conclusion

Bam, your done, now I know this looks pretty dumb, but that's what the next steps for.

Step 5: Pile 'O' Optionals

option 1:
put P.V.C. pipe around the silencer and paint it to make it actually look like a silencer

Option 2
Put holes around the outside of the P.V.C. with a drill like I did to make it look like a heat diffuser

Option 3
put a thin layer of foam pipe insulation around the inside of the P.V.C. to further silence the gun

Option 4
put a nut in the end of the P.V.C. like i did to make it look like its a thin barrel all the way through

Option 5
put cool dinosaur stickers on your gun to make it look cool.

Option 6
if you have access to a tap & die set you could thread the scilencer and the orange nip and meke it a screw on silencer

P.S. please comment and tell me what you think
this is my first ible', tell me what i can improve, please & thankyou

thanks for checkin' out my 'ible, and goodnight