Introduction: A Woven Mexican Rocking Chair

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I was super inspired by the chairs I saw all over Mexico, there are so many different shapes that people make this style of chair in. This shape is the most traditional one. If you have never sat in one before, they are very comfy, even though you think you body would bump up against the metal.

Step 1: Tools and Equipment

What tools you will need:


-Angle grinder, with cut off disk and flap disk

-The metal in the photo above

3/4" rod @ 264"

5/8" rod @ 87"

3/8" rod @ 12"

-More metal for building the bender, see step 2 and 3.


-Vinyl cord (see youtube description)


Step 2: The Main Frame

This whole build requires that you weld a tool for bending . I simply welding two squares to then end of a flat bar and used it to do the bending. The space between the two squares should not be much more then 5/8"

I kept bending till it matched the avocado shaped template that I drew out.

Step 3:

Then theres was a bunch of bending to make all the other parts.

The video has the angles that you need to bend the pieces to.

Step 4:

One tricky part was making the middle ring, it is important that it has a specific diameter because otherwise the vinyl might not be evenly spread around the circle, leaving gaps or bunching up.

I used bending and hammering to get it right.

Step 5: Support Arms for the Frame

The frame is then welded to form the seat part of the chair.

The ring is then welded to the long arm of the chair, then I sectioned the ring into 3 parts and welded the other two arms at those points.

Step 6: Making the Seat the Right Angle and Hight.

The bottom ring must be a certain hight to accommodate the legs. This hight is the exactly hight of a 2x4 and a gallon of paint :)

Then the angle of the chair is specific too, make sure the front of main frame is 12" high and the top of the frame is 36" high

Step 7: Legs

The front legs are simple, just get out a ruler.

I built a quick little jig to hold the back legs for welding

Make sure the tops of the legs are the exact same hight

Step 8:

Bend the 5/8" rod to make the rockers. The curve should reach 7"

Then weld!

Step 9: Supports and Smoothing Those Welds

Put the front and back supports in, depending on your previous welding you may need to adjust the length of the bars.

Step 10: Paint

Paint... nuf said :)

Step 11: The Weave

This part is a bit tricky and you have to to watch the video to understand :) There is also another video on my youtube that lays out the weaving in more detail.

The first photo shows a diagram on how many times to wrap the side bar before going through the middle of the chair, this is important or you might run out of space in the ring. Although is is flexible if you make your ring slightly smaller or bigger.

Step 12: Done!

Now you get to relax! Maybe grab a Taco or a Burrito :)

Step 13: