Introduction: A Zippo Casing Out of a Tic-Tac Box

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Hi. For my first instructable, I am going to show you how to use a Tic-Tac box to conceal and use a Zippo brand lighter. You can have it lying around, in front of someone, etc, and they won't be the wiser. With my technique, although I have never seen this attempted before, you can put in two Tic-Tacs, and when it is shaken, make it sound like it is full.

Make sure you read the entire thing before starting!

Although it is 12 steps, they are simple, single action steps, for the most part.

Step 1: Materials

Super Glue, The gel kind is best over the liquid kind
a sharp knife
Tic-Tac box
A Zippo brand lighter
a ruler
some Tic-Tac prints, second picture, save and print it at a 40% scale, found on google
glue stick

Step 2: Empty Everything

Empty the Zippo casing and keep the lighter part. (I suppose you can keep the casing too)
Empty the Tic-Tac box. (You should eat them or save them) Make sure you keep two (2).

Step 3: Cut the Top

Using your knife, cut the sticker where the white top meets the clear box, and take the top off.

Step 4: Marking the Split

Get your lighter and box side by side and mark where the top of the body of the lighter is on the box, taking into account that there is an indentation on the bottom that the lighter will sit upon and raise it.
Measure the mark however you want so that you have it even on all four corners.
This will be where the box will open.

Step 5: Cutting the Split

Use the knife to cut the front, the side that has the Tic-Tac logo, being careful to make a clean cut on the sticker. While looking at the Tic-Tac logo right side up, the next cut will be on the right side of the box. Then cut the back, still making sure that the cut is clean.
The second picture shows the cut box; it is starting to look like a Zippo.

Put the lighter into the box and make sure that the top of the lighter body is flush with the box.
If not, start again. The box is the easiest part to make and, when the hinge breaks from fatigue, replace.
The cut in the picture is too low, so when you open it, the little metal piece that keeps the lid open will not keep it open as far.

The higher the cut, the farther the box will open, to a point.

Step 6: The Hard Part

The chimney and the white top will overlap in two places. You must cut and test by putting it back together and closing it, and if it still overlaps, cut it more. Keep thetab things!
The next few steps will be easier if you make the tabs higher.

On the back of the top, the side that is marked, the side that does NOT have the opening, cut it to a little larger than the width of the hammer looking thing.

Step 7: The Hard Part: Part 2

Check the picture for info first.

Measure the position of the tab on the lighter lid and mark where it should go on the plastic top. because the metal hammer does not have to be fully closed, it is okay to have the plastic tab a little to the left, in relation to the picture.

Step 8: Hard Part: Part 3

Take one of the tabs and try to fit it in like in the second picture. It does not have to be flush with the top, but it needs to be long enough to go between the chimney and the hammer. If you think it is too thin, put some tape around it. But not too much, as the glue can compensate for the gap.

Next, use the super glue to glue it in to place. This is why you need gel type glue, as you can fill any gaps between the tab and the sides of the top.

Hold the tab in place until the glue is dry enough to stay still without help.

Let it dry
Use a lamp or something for a few hours, even if the bottle says it binds instantly, because it is a large amount of glue. Don't use a blow drier or something like that, because it can move the tab.

Step 9: Pouch

Use tape to make a sort of 'pouch' for the Tic-Tacs. If there is any of the sticky side exposed, be sure to cover it with tape, so the Tic-Tacs don't stick.

Step 10: Final Touches

Save the image of the Tic-Tacs (can be found on the next step if you are not a member) and print it at a 40% scale. Use a real Tic-Tac to be sure that the scale is okay. If not, experiment.
You will need at least two prints.
Cut out each image to the same height as the box and compare it to the box. On the back of the images, mark where the cut in the box is, making sure the paper will reach the bottom of the box.
Cut the images and use your lighter to shape the images. tape the images together, making sure to tape the inside as well. Make sure the paper fits snugly into the box.
With the paper still around the lighter, cover the paper with glue stick and insert the paper and lighter into the box. The lighter should slide out easily, then use your fingers to get the paper to get all the corners.
Do the same with the lid and the rest of the paper, although using the lighter won't work.
Make sure that the paper fills the entire lid, not just up to the white plastic top.
The paper should be flush with all edges, and when closed, the image should be complete.

Step 11: Image

For non members, here is an image of the Tic-Tacs as the first image

Step 12: Finished

Once all the glue is dry, carefully insert the lighter with the hammer open, then put the top on the lid, with the tab for the opening on the opposite side that the hammer is on.
Put the two Tic-Tacs into the pouch and you are done.
You cannot do any tricks with it, as the hinge is not very strong.
When the hinge does break, it is easy enough to replace the box.
Also, do not keep it lit for extended periods of time, as it is plastic and paper, and can melt and burn. Also for that reason, blow out the lighter, do not close the lighter while it is still lit.

Don't burn yourself; I am not responsible for anything you do with the lighter.

I suppose that with a bigger box or one of the skinnier lighters, you could have more room to store 'things'.

I am sorry for blurry images, but this is my first instructable.

I must take all credit, except for the print from Google, as this was my idea and my idea alone. I did not research this on the web or any other source of info. I just noticed that the Zippo could fit into the Tic-Tac box.

Please comment and tell me what you think about the project and my instructable. Thank you.