A Bear or a Puppet




Introduction: A Bear or a Puppet

There is something special about the giving and receiving of a hand-made bear, a bear with character. I gave my bear and the puppet to my mother and she loved it!

Step 1: Time to Start

First thing you need is... your supplies!! Go get your sewing kit.

You will need:
Small, sharp pointed scissors
Strong, sharp sewing needles
Strong sewing thread to match the colour of the fabric
tracing paper
Wooden stuffing stick
stuffing of choice

Step 2: Pick a Design

You need to find a cut out. If you are beginner, I advise you to pick something easy. For my cut out I chose to pick a bear.

Step 3: Pick a Fabric..felt

You will need to get some fabrics. To me felt was the easiest fabric especially to you are hand making something. I chose the colors purple and blue because those are my mom's favorite colors. Remember, you need two fabrics for the bear a "front" and a "back". 

Step 4: Pin It!!!

Pin the cut out on to the felt and cut it out.

Step 5: Time to Sew

Now it is time to sew, this is the hand stitch I find most useful. A slip stitch is used to create an invisible seam between two folded edges, or a folded edge and a flat edge. You can use slip stitching for bindings, to close a lining, for the final stitches on a stuffed pillow, or to apply applique invisibly.

Step 6: Stuff the Bear

Stuff the bear. You can also leave an opening to make it a puppet.

Step 7: Now Your Done :)

I have made two products, one a teddy bear and the other a puppet. You can add designs onto the products to make it special.


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    That is such a cute craft! I love the little bow you put on the one :) Which one is the puppet?