Introduction: A Better Paper Wallet

This is another paper wallet that has been made to allow easy access to credit cards.

Step 1: The Beginning

Start by getting an A4 piece of paper (or 8.5 x 11 for you US people) and get something the shape of a credit card.

Fold the bottom part of the paper about an inch so it covers about 1/3 of the credit card.

Step 2: The Folding

Turn the paper over with the fold facing the table. put the credit card on the opposite side of the last fold. Fold the paper so that the card is hidden.

Turn the paper over and line up the first fold with the bottom of the paper, then fold the opposite part of the paper (the side that hasnt been folded yet) into the others, so you can see 3 'steps'.

Step 3: The Cutting

Cut each of the folds from the edge by about 1.5cm.

Fold all but the bottom into the pocket that has been made on the side of the wallet.

Then fold the last piece of paper so it is with the others. Repeat on both sides.

Step 4: The Final Fold

Finally fold the wallet in half. It should now be able to hold about 4 cards and a few notes.