Introduction: A Cheapest Pen Holder

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Are your pens always lying round the floor?????
Same here...So I decided to make a Cheap Pen holder
Hello Everyone
This is my 3rd instructable...
I am not good at drawing
Please ignore the drawing part
This is how we shall start.....

Step 1: Materials

-A marker
-Coloured pens or painting colours(your choice)
-A kulhad(Small earthern pot- very cheap!!!)
In Rural India KULHADS are very popular especially in parts of Bihar....
When I travelled there I bought one kulhad with me....It is used to serve tea,milk etc...and costs approx. 10-20 INR

Step 2: Start Your Art

Just take the KULHAD and draw your favorite textures and drawings on it...Decorate it and make good enough to look at...

Step 3: Finished

When you have finished just put all your pens in it and get extra space to studyy.....!!!!!!!

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