Introduction: A Computer Sesion for Really Dummie People

I'm really bad in english, so, if i have errors, please, tell me ^^


Your grandma (maybe your dad?) are always asking you how to make anything with the computer?

Is a normal browser too dificult for they?

they usualy only use 4 or 5 webpages?

I give you an easy solution ! :D

lets make a super easy to use sesion in your computer :D

Step 1: The Browser

A normal browser have too many buttons that can confuse a realy dummie person, so, we need the simplest browser, a browser with no interface.

let's go to the software center and install "Prism"

you can download it here too:

Step 2: The Sesion

We need a new session in our computer to, with no pasword and administration permision

In the images you can see how i create it, it was diferent in mac and in windows, and other graphic interfaces diferent to GNOME

Step 3: Choose the Web Pages That We Need

in the new sesion, open your favourite browser (i like firefox) and open each web that you need
in the main image i give you some ideas but maybe you needs are different

then, open google images (or other similar web) and find a nice icon for each one, save everyone.

Step 4: One Example of That You Need to Make With Each Webpage

let's make an example with the first webpage, :P xD

1-Open "prism"
2- Paste the URL of the webpage
3- Name the webpage
4- be sure that the 3 squares are not selected
5- select the Desktop square
6- choose the "choose image..." option (the "use imagefrom web" option makes a very pixelated icon)
7-select the nice icon from your computer
8-click "OK"

now we have an icon in our desktop

9- open the properties of the icon
10- put all options like in the image

repeat it with every webpage

Step 5: The End (or the Most Dificult Part)

when you open each icon, you can see the webpage, only, with no navigation bars and other buttons.

Now, tell at the dummie how it works :D

(And protect your own sesion xD)