Introduction: A Custom Chopper BMX

I found a decent condition chrome BMX at a carboot, I was searching for one there.

I had fun riding it, nut the shape and the weight of it made it slightly bad for stunts, and I don't like doing them anyway, I just enjoy riding bikes.

Step 1: Putting It Together.

Also I had a Hybrid Halfords X-rated Dirt jump/stunt bike, which was a piece of trash. It had mashed bearings and was starting to rust on the inside. But the parts on it were compatible with a BMX.

So I took the front forks of with the wheel, and simply replaced it on the new BMX.

I then Later sprayed the forks. And after that got around to spraying both of the rims, which was absolutely horrible.

Tried out some mudguards, didn't feel them, so I took them of.

The seat had to be adjusted multiple times, and so did the chain tension, handlebars and the tire pressure at the front (low for more grip and a more smooth ride).

Step 2: What It's Like

It can be VERY hard to ride at first, the knees are always bent while riding it. But when you ride slowly, without too much force, the ride is VERY relaxing. Can be extremely dangerous to accelerate too fast, the front lifts up straight away due to poor weight balance (nothing I can do about that). But overall, most people that had a go on it really like the way it feels and the looks too :) .

The pressure has to be very high at the back, due to ~90% of weight resting on the rear wheel. When I accelerate, I always stand up, so the front doesn't pull up (unless I want it to).

Step 3: If You Ever Wanted to Do Anything Similar:

There are plenty of downsides, such as the fact that only ~10% of the weight is at the front, and rest at the back.

This means the rear innertube has to have really high pressure, and going over bumps fast is not a good/safe thing to do. The front tire should have low pressure, as that way it has much more grip and there is a lower chance of the front forks snapping. It works as a suspension.

Going up the hill can be a nightmare. This bike no longer performs like a BMX. BUT you can simply put the old BMX wheel back on the front, the forks look pretty good with a standard wheel on.

The way I sprayed the rims is by taking out the innertube and the tire obviously, masking each one of the spokes. This will take a while, and getting the masking take of will take even longer. Definitely use a primer, grey is the best I'd say.

This isn't much of a tutorial, but I think the downsides I listed will be useful if anyone else is going to do this sort of conversion, good luck if anyone will.