Introduction: A Doorbell for the Deaf. (or Those Rocking Out With Giant Headphones)

This is basically a way to get your attention if banging on the door is no longer an option, I am talking about those of you with giant noise canceling headphones, giant speakers, or your home theater with 7.1 blasting as you go for the NUKE on CODMW2.
It also serves as a night light and it looks cool with any theme you have going in your room.

Step 1: Materials.

Here is the basics, a lamp of your choice, hopefully one that hangs and you will not need to use other than for this.
A SPST switch
A Momentary on switch
And wire.

Wire stripper
Heat Shrink or Electrical Tape
And maybe a drill to hang your lamp.

****I am not an electrician. I did this without turning off the power, it is simple but can be dangerous.
Do this at own risk, think logically and there shouldn't be any problems.

Step 2: Diagram

You are going to hack two switches into the cable that goes to the power, you should only have to cut one of them. I *think* it doesn't matter if its positive or negative, just don't do it to the ground wire.

Step 3: Switches

You need the SPST to go before AND after the Momentary On switch. It will be spliced in before or after your lamp. The momentary on switch will need a bunch of wire to go out of the room, and back to continue to the power outlet.

Step 4: Notes

I know its not green, but you will need an incandescent light bulb, and that is because you want the signal to come on instantly, I use a big Christmas light and it seems to be enough to catch my attention when I am listening to music, and not too much so that its used as a night light every once in a while. 

Also a colored film really makes it look great and puts a certain mood to your room.

IF you have pesky little brothers who annoy you, you could add a third switch that cuts the power off completely.

I hope you enjoyed, and would love to see what you build.

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