Introduction: A Few Rejections and a Bucket YoYo Trick

Hi everyone,
I'll be explaining the second trick in the video, the wrist mount rejection.

(written for right handed players)

So first you want to get in a standard wrist mount as shown.

Then you need to underpass so that your left finger is close to the spot where the strings cross each other.

Pinch at that spot, making sure the pinch is relatively close to the yo-yo.

Next you want to pull aside your right hand with it pinching the string so that when the yo-yo rejects the string you will have created a segment of slack between your two hands.

As you pull to the right the spin of the yo-yo will eject the string and you will have slack segment that can travel around and re-mount onto the yo-yo.

From there dismount as you see fit.

Also this trick may be frustrating at first,but play with the tension when you pull it aside and you will see how it works. I hope you all enjoy this trick.