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Introduction: A Great Tour

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This tutorial is all about tips techniques on going to a camping tor

Step 1: Things You Need

  1. Tent
  2. Folding bed
  3. Map
  4. Compass
  5. Different mobile sims
  6. Walking stick
  7. A pocket Knife
  8. Folding fishing rod
  9. First aid box
  10. Power bank
  11. disposable plates and cups

Step 2: Weather

The first thing a man should be updated is about what kind of weather forecast is in the place where he is planing to go . The weather forecast can help a man to pack his materials for camping. A person should know about the kind of the weather expected in the area so he should put the same kind of cloths required for the weather.This is one the most useful camping tips

Believe not but weather forecast can save your life

Step 3: Surviving

After you have been reached your place you will have to adapt the surroundings and the first thing is a shelter which will be your home and protector from the Mother nature .Now for a good place to stay at night is to stay on flat ground and near to any kind of water and food supply . The next thing is your energy which comes from eating and what could be more good then having a fish for dinner. To catch a fish you need to have a fishing rod .Now comes the thing that of yore safety in the places like this there could be wild animals and for your own safety you need to have licence pistol with you to make sure you are not a dinner for any wild animal.Now comes your dinner and for that you need a fire so the best way is to have a matchstick but if not then her is a tip take two rocks and some dry leaves try to make a spark and from that fire you can be cooking your food and keeping you warm to.For sleeping a sleeping bag could be comfertable.

Step 4: Traveling

Through your hiking trip yo have a mindset of reaching to a particular place and for that you need to have the map of that area and had to know in which direction do you want to go and for that you should have a compass with you which can show in which direction you should go.Another problem in the camping trip could be the rout and there are many things to pass through like mountains and for climbing on them you got to have a pair of shoes with flat sol which can grip and climb easily on mountains and there are also places where there is many use of a walking stick

This stick can save your life.

During walking a persons gets tired very early and gets thirsty and hungry for this a person should carry some dry fruits which have so much power and less wait and can keep you energetic and healthy on your tour.

Step 5: Communication

Mobile phones are also some useful things it is way of informing or getting tracked if anything goes wrong but there are many places where many networks are not available and you need to have different sims so you are in touch with your family and no one is sure when and where the mobile is shutdown so there is always a need of having a power bank with you

Step 6: Health

This is also an important thing to keep an first aid box with you and some medicines so if you are in pain you should have a proper way to get it well and it is very important to keep it with you all the time because there is no hospital near you when you are on a camping trip.

Use all of them and have a good trip.

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