Introduction: A Guide to Youtubers

 this instructable is a uide to some of the most famous youtubers what there styles are and some of my favorite videos 

if you have any disagreements or a youtuber or youtube channel just comment and ill check and possibly add them

ps they arent in the order of favorite just who popped into my head

Step 1: FAILblog

failblog is very inderrated but is still incredibly hilarious.  it shows videos of FAILs and WINs.  thats about as basic as it gets

favorite vids escape FAIL, punching bag FAIL, backflip FAIl, and so many others

Step 2: Shane Dawson

 Shane dawson has a crude but hilarious form of comedy with a dirty mouth that should not be viewed by any young children. however the man is a genius at editing. for example watch the christmas cash spoof and look at the editing. every vid has good editing but that was amazing.  Shane Dawson consists of Shane Dawson and the main guest star is Brittani Louise Taylor (another youtuber) 

shanes crude sense of humour can appeal to anyone over 12 or else they will be scarred for life

favorite vids Emo Bop, truth or dare series, Degrassi Spoof, Christmas Cash Spoof, Bad Bromance


ray william johnson is a youtuber that basically finds popular internet videos and makes fun of them. not much more to explain

favorite vids communist roll'd 


now i know i said Shane Dawson was good at editing but MYSTERYGUITARMAN takes the cake hands down. with plenty of stop motions and epic editing it is hard to believe he cant really play guitar

favorite vids ALL OF THEM

Step 5: SMOSH

 smosh is a mostly clean duo of Anthony Padilla and Ian Hecox. once the most subscribed to on youtube they had been passed by nigahiga and fred these comic genii should never be forgotten

they can be viewed by anyone with a sense of humor (usally but carefull of some vids)

too many vids to think of favorites

Step 6: Nigahiga

 nigahiga is a fairly clean youtuber and is most subscribed to but has recently been making less and less videos it consists of Ryan Higa and sometimes include Sean Fujiyoshi.  

there comedy style is mainly for kids in the age group 12-17 

some favorite vids are Ninja Glare, how to be ninja, how to be nerd, how to be emo, and how to be gangster (how to vids are what got him famous)

Step 7: Kevjumba

 much like WHATTHEBUCK i dont watch mush kevjumba so i can only speak for some of his vids (the ask kevjumba vids)  this creative young man knows how to deliver a joke and creates a new intro for every video and is not afraid to say embarrassing stuff

most people can enjoy most of his vids

favorite vids ask kevjumba and alpha kenny body


 what the buck is basically a news comedy show i dont know much about but you should know him.  he gives you the news talks really fast and is gay but its funny and informing but i dont watch a whole lot outside of nigahiga and shane dawson so sorry buck but not much on you (but wait for kevjumba)

his clean humor can appeal to anyone old enough to understand it

no fav vids (sorry)