A Light Portable Swing

Introduction: A Light Portable Swing

This a schoolproject where the mission was to make a swing,which you can take with you to the park and is easily to use

Step 1: Buy Your Materials

The things you wil need to buy are
- 15 meters of polyester rope
- 2 cord tensioners ( make sure you buy the right size )
- 3 multiplex plates from 4mm x510x160
-some quality glue special for wood ( buy a water resistant one if you want to leave it hanging outside)

You wil also need a few tools
- a drill set
- a powertool
- some small files
- a lot of sanding paper from p60 to p320

Step 2: Make a Mold for Bending the Wood

I have made mine from some little scraps I had laying around. It doesn't look that fancy but it did the job.

Step 3: Glueing the Parts Together

You have to make sure you spread the glue very smooth or otherwise it will split. After you did al the layers you stack them up on each other.

!NOTE! Take your time for this step, here its worth spending an extra minutes. because it will be splitting otherwise.

Step 4: Bending the Wood

After you have stacked them up you can put it in the mold. Make sure the middle is where its supposed to be. It is best to clamp the sides with some strong glue clamps. When its al lined up you have to let it dry for 24 hours. So the glue will have time to become hard again.

Step 5: Sanding

This aint the funnest part, but it is really worth it. I started sanding with a p60 and smoothened it up to a p320 so it has that soft look on it.

Step 6: Making the Holes

Here you have a lot of freedom. You can choose if you want wide holes or small ones. You can choose if you want them far away from the edge ore really close. I made mine 35mm wide and 25mm from the side. After you drawn them out you can start drilling. I recommend that you drill the 2 farest points first with a 5mm. After that you can start drilling with a 4.5 mm drill in between. Drill as many holes as possible. The more you drill the less you have to file away. when you filed the holes to one big slot. You can start smoothing it out with sandpaper.

Step 7: The Suspension System

I choose this belt strap thing i had lying around it looks funky, and has these hooks attached to it. First you have to cut of one of the hooks, because otherwise it wouldn't fit through the cutout. Afterwards you can easily sew it back together with any thick thread.

Step 8: The End

Now you have a very light swing which you can take everywhere with you, if you want to extend your rope you can make use of the polyester rope and the cord tensioner. It's a really easy tool which will reveal itself out.

Have fun making it!

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