Introduction: A New Eating Habit

My mother is a very fit person and she likes to be in control of her body. So she often uses stairs, does daily crunches with various other excercises, and she apparently adopted a eating habit. Well this summer i wanted to try to slim down and I ,naturally, asked her for advice. I had already started excercising regularly with situps, crunches, push-ups, ect. and have been doing more physically fit alternatives such as walking to places, using stairs, and started playing sports rather than video games, all the time. So i decided to take up her habit as well. She told me
"No matter what you eat, drink, or chew always leave a little left."
Now I too have taken on the "Leave a Little Left" lifestyle myself and have found it to be very beneficial to my physique. The idea behind this is to never clean(finish) your plate, cup, or candy.
For example:
-When I eat a sandwhich, I leave a corner of it left
-When I drink something I leave just one mouthful left
-Even when i have gum I never chew the last two or three peices.
I hope this helps anyone else trying to lose those last couple pounds. Good luck fellow robots! =)
p.s. this is my first 'ible' so please be gentle...

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