A New Grip for an Old Bow




Introduction: A New Grip for an Old Bow

     My cousin gifted me his old compound bow and while it was still a nice working tool the grip was a cobbled assortment of scrap fabric and duct tape. Needless to say it was not the nicest to hold or the best looking so I set about trying to find a new nonslip grip for cheep.

    I ride a mountain bike and had a few punctured inner tubes laying around so I cut a piece and lubricated the inside with dish soap and tried slipping it over the end of the bow. that didn't work the rubber was too tight and the bow had too many odd shapes to allow me to pull it on. So I then used a air nozzel attached to my air compressor and blowing air under the tube to "inflate" it slightly allowed me to inch in over the handle and I now have a new free grip that seem very comfortable and makes for a nice non-slip grip.

Please comment, rate, vote whatever you feel I deserve....

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Hi - cheers for your feedback.
    I get free inner tubes n stuff from a family member who works in a cycle shop so I am always using them for projects - gotta say though, yours is the best use by far I have seen in a long time - cool idea with the air too.


    bobby sissom
    bobby sissom

    8 years ago on Introduction

    simple and very clever, i will be stealing this innertube grip idea for many projects i believe

    Good solution to a interesting problem. I would have cut the tube and applied a glue or something to hold it. And I'm sure it wouldn't have looked as nice or even worked as well so good job and keep up the inovative thinking.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Very clever! I can't stand the smell of rubber tubing, but still, what a good idea.