A Nice House

Introduction: A Nice House

This is a instruction manual for making a simple house Enjoy!!

Step 1: Flooring

First do a 4x2 rectangle of Polished Adesite for the flooring like the pic above

Step 2: Layer 1: Walls

Then do a ring around that rectangle and add doors like the pic above

Step 3: Layer 2&3: Walls

Then add polished granite and granite like the pic above

Step 4: Part 1: Roof

Now add stone brick stairs like the pic above

Step 5: Part 2: Roof

Then add stone brick slabs like the pic above

Step 6: Furnishing the House

Finally add crafting table,chest and bed

Step 7: End

Have fun and enjoy your new house!!

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    6 Discussions


    4 years ago

    veryyy good. but i have a question. how can i put house building guides?


    5 years ago

    it is good but it could be better if u have placed the crafting table and the other stuff in the roof instead of placing it on the bed (my opinion) but it's cool any way ?


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It still works though you can sleep still

    Dashing Rainbow Dash

    As much as I love Minecraft, I just think there are too many minecraft Instructables here. But it's still good.