Introduction: A-nise Allsorts Cocktail

 Allsorts candy are a sweet black licorice flavoured treat that always comes out at Christmas in my family, which reminded me of this cocktail that I used to make when I was an undergraduate (ahhh...good times).  It is simple, quick to make, and highly delicious; as long as you like black licorice!  

To make it, you'll need:

A glass.  I like a sherry glass (small martini glass) but feel free to use whatever you think will work.
A bottle of Pernod, an anise flavoured liquor
A bottle of Amarula Creme liquor, a fruit creme liquor made with the fruit of the marula tree

You may also want to use:

An assortment (ha) of Allsorts candy 
A toothpick

Step 1: Add the Pernod

If you are using a small glass (recommended for coherence in the near future) fill 1/3 of the glass with Pernod.  Otherwise, add 1 oz of Pernod to your (larger) glass.

Step 2: Add the Amarula Creme

Again, with the small glass, fill the remaining 2/3 of your glass with Amarula Creme liquor.  For those braving on with their larger glass, add 2oz of Amarula Creme to your glass.

Step 3: Add the Garnish (Optional)

You could drink this now however, if you should so desire you may garnish the drink with a skewer of Allsorts candy (for style points!).  Note rooster glass for multi-bonus-combo style points.


Remember, if you like Allsorts, you'll like these, and if you like these, you may get drunk, and if you get drunk, you shouldn't drive, operate heavy machinery, or make important life decisions.

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