Introduction: A Proper Patio From the Ground Up.

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Rebuilding a large brick patio/ drive way and hand layed stone walls while addressing the drainage issues that have caused problems in the past and ensuring they do not happen again.    

The 1960's and 1970's  were home to a cultural craft revival; It was a time of tax free work parties with unskilled, but willing friends and getting back to basics. The endeavors of this era were often lacking in a technical foundation however, and as such over time, began to fail. A friend had just such a situation in her brick paver stone patio, and I took the time to do it right when we relayed the area, previously she had been replacing the patio every 7-8 yrs, each time it was done wrong. I did it right, Sure it cost more for now with the added labor, but over the next thirty years, when It is draining correctly, she will make that money back for sure.

As a disclaimer- I am not a contractor, I am a student studying Industrial Design at Ohio State. i did this for  a friend last summer before my sophomore year. I wanted to do large project to show some ambition in my portfolio, and as I would love to end up designing controls and user interface on equipment such as the excavator rented her, I thought it a perfect opportunity.

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