A Series of Beyond Basics in Survival: by Robby Oddo

Introduction: A Series of Beyond Basics in Survival: by Robby Oddo

Topics I will go over will be:

1. Situation Awareness:

2. Evaluate:

3. Time:

4. The Gatherer:

5. Shelter:

6. Elemental:

7. H2o

8. Hunger

9. Roughing It Living Comfortable

Step 1: How to Survive the First Night

First night, You pull your kayak over to the side of a bank, up on the beach.

“Situational Awareness”

You scan the area around you, looking for Tree Types, Soil Type, Plants, Type of Weather, Sun Position – Time of Day, Area Clearing away from water, Felled Trees – Rotten – Dry Trees.


By now you will have begun to think about prioritizing your Goals, in regards to the Current Weather, Season, Temperature, Expected Departure. Always remember the Rule of Three’s: Air: 3 min Cold Weather: 3 Hours Water: 3 days Food: 3 weeks

Step 2: Picking Your Camp

Stay at least 100 Ft away from water, on dry flat land. Water levels can sometimes rise unexpectedly during rainfall or tide. You do not want to be asleep when this happens.

Look around for Tree Saplings that are as wide as your thumb, These can be of very important use of making waddle huts, a crane for your pots, a grill for your food, a spit over a fire.

Dry Wood, It takes a lot of wood to feed a fire. And you will need to find and separate your found supply into 3 piles of varying sizes. Keep these piles close to the source of fire by at least 5 ft.


Your first priority will be shelter. Cold weather is a silent killer. Fire may be your first thought, But the type of shelter, is largely dependent on how much time before dark, and gathering at night time isn’t a wise way to start out the first night. Figure out how much time you have to spend on constructing a shelter.

Step 3: ​“Shelter Types” Along With General Times to Erect Them


Overhang = 10 min

A frame = 15 min

Lean to = 30 min

Double lean to = 30 min

Dug out = 30 min

Hammock w/ sheet = 30 min

Debris = 2-3 hr

Semi Permanent:

Igloo = 6 hrs

Thatched = 6 hrs

Wattle = 4-10 days

Daub and wattle = 4-20 days


Stone and Mud = 6-8 weeks

Adobe = 2-3 months

Stone = 2-3 months

Brick = 2-4 months

Step 4: Think Minecraft !xx!

“Starting out in Minecraft, You don’t want to build a castle on the first night.

There wouldn’t be anything to keep you from becoming Creeper Bate! “

The same goes with jumping into a Daub and Wattle build, before the nights end.

Start out with a Temporary Shelter.

There are many to chose from, that will keep you warm until your camp is complete.

Step 5: Wasting Daylight

Things you may need to think of is:

•Build a fire about an hour before the sun starts to go down.

•Having all the wood gathered enough for the shelter you chose, and

enough wood to last till noon.

Step 6: Think Ahead

Nothings worse than running out of wood in the middle of a cold night.

Start collecting fuel around the parameter of your camp, and work your way out in a circle.

This helps keep your camp clean, and clear, should embers fly when a

piece of moist wood starts to crackle, and blow sparks in the wind.

Always have a quick way to put out, what you build.

Ash contains carbon, that is kryptonite to a flame.

Step 7: “Elemental” Ways to Start Fire - Not an Exhaustive List


Magnesium Ferrocerium Rod

Hand drill

Bow Drill

Refraction Lens

Ice: to be focused

Tin Can and Chocolate: chocolate polished the bottom of a tin pop/beer can to be focused

Glasses:to be focused

Condom: filled with water to be focused


Magnesium Pregnant & Anti-Freeze: chemical reaction, powder can be found in select flower food packets

Flint & Steel

Quartz Rocks

Knife and Ferrocerium Rod

Flash Powder: burns fast and hot

Steel Wool: in conjunction with 9 volt battery

Battery: short Circuit to make sparks

Laser Pen: green pens taken apart can be converted and be used to burn char cloth

Flashlight: Cone used to focus light

Sodium Flakes and Drops of Water...Careful, Sodium and water is dangerous

Disposable Camera: Compositor used to spark Char cloth

Stun Gun

Wood Plough

Cell Phone: Inside wire short circuit battery over char cloth

Gun Powder: powder lined in a strip of rolled cloth

Shotgun Shells: powder lined in a strip of rolled cloth

Lithium: inside a battery with a few drops of water flames up violent and fast

Step 8: H2O: or the Art of Water

Many years ago; Walking up to a stream, and take handfuls of water was a fairly safe

and reasonable thing to do, given the type of stream, and walking it to be sure

there where no dead animals polluting the waters.

Today, over the years we have ruined that luxury.

Through spillage, dumping and poisons and pollution's, being poured into our sewers,

and bodies of water that flows down our rivers.

Hexavalent Chromium was one such incident that caused

a plague of cancer among a large rural town.

Step 9: Boil It Out

Today we need to boil out any bacteria while backwoods traveling.

Filters can be made from many natural and unnatural materials.

The simplest can be made by filling a sock by, layering grass or leaves,

sand, broken up Charcoal made from burning wood.

Make two layers of the three materials, and pour fresh running

“not still/Stagnant” water, into the mouth of the sock, and collect into

a metal container or a clay pot that you have made. “More on Pottery later”

And Boil the water to rid water of impurities.

Step 10: Making Vessels

You can take your knife, and cut out a sheet of Birch Bark from a tree.

Roll it gently into a cone, hold together by making a cloths pin, Made from a stick.

Shove some cotton, or cloth at the bottom of the cone to stop the Charcoal and

sand from emptying out. And run into a boiling container.

Take a log and hallow a bowl into it by alternating hot rocks.

Fill with water and place the log on the fire.

Step 11: Wilderness Tip

Fact: Pine trees have a high content of Vitamin C, And sugars through

Carbs that your body breaks down into energy.

Just scrape with knife, till you reach the inner bark of the tree. Flake off and eat raw,

Or boil in a pot to make fibers softer. Drink the tea from bark, or of a handful of Pine needles.

Willow Bark contains aspirin- Drink in a tea, or chew on bark to Aleve back pain or headache

“Survival Tip” Cut Pine Sap off a tree.

Place on a hot rock near the fire to melt to make bush craft glue.

Step 12: More on Water Purifying

Best to drink from rain water, or fast running water.

Drinking unprocessed water may cause diarrhea, causing dehydration.

Are you near the ocean, and all you have is salt water?

Dig a hole 6 in by 1 foot deep. Dig another hole 6 inches from the hole you just dug.

Pour salt water in the first hole, as the water is soaked into the earth, it separates the

salt running through the dirt into the other hole. Boil and drink.

Find a vine? Cut the bottom of a vine and hold it in your mouth.

Grab high on the vine, and cut above it. Water will run though the vine like a straw.

Step 13: Even More on Water

Fact: Cocoanut water causes

Diarrhea! But makes great bowls for boiling water.

A solar still can be made by digging a hole 3 ft by 3 ft, and placing a bowl in the center.

Take a clear tarp and cover the hole, holding the rim with rocks.

Take a small rock and place in the center of the tarp, and let sag a little.

Leave over night, and in the morning the dew will be collected into the bowl.

“ To speed the process, Dig a small hole next to it and feed salt water beside it”

If you ever come across Spider Moss, Water collects in it like a sponge.

Just wring it out into your mouth for a large swallow.

Step 14: Do's and Donts

Do drink ½ gallon min water a day

Don’t go on a trip without two people knowing your route

Do bring extra socks incase

feet get wet,

Foot rot is a real thing

Don’t put camp over a natural hot spot “ Hot air escaping earth ”

You will wake up wet and cold

With hypothermia

“Follow the poison wild edible test”

Step 15: “Wild Edible Test”

1.Take the plant in question, and rub it lightly on your forearm

“Wait 30 minutes to see if a rose color appear”

“or you feel a burning sensation”

2. If no reaction, Touch on tongue for a second

“Wait 30 minutes to see if you feel a burning sensation”

3. If no reaction, Hold in mouth for 2 min

“Wait 30 minutes to see if you feel sick”

4. Swallow a small piece

“Wait 60 minutes to see if you feel sick”

If no reaction, it is safe to eat

Step 16: “High Living Bush Craft”

Roughing It or Living Comfortable

I once read a quote from a guy that stated:

“When I go out into the wilderness, I don’t go there to rough it.

I go there to live comfortable”

This made me look at Survival and Bush Craft differently ever since.

Just because to go to the forest, or kayak a wild river,

Does not mean you have to stay there uncomfortable, bugs biting,

Cold nipping at your feet, rocks digging in your back.

And living comfortable in the wild don’t mean, Top of the line tent with dome lights, and an electric battery powered fan to keep you cool.

Comfortable to me now means just this.

A proper raised bed crafted neatly out of limbs.

A spit over a fire with a back log reflecting wall.

Pots and pans crafted out of slate stones and clay.

A fireplace made from earth.

A shelter with a heated floor, made from an underground fire trench,

With rock and a clay bed hardened over it to keep me warm in my bed.

~I hope this short guide helped you~

By Robby Oddo

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    Cacj131, I am glad you mentioned this, as my father and I where just talking about this last week. I believe, that this is one of many prophecies dug up to stir religious people into a frenzy.

    This is a direct line from Nasa. " https://www.nasa.gov/jpl/nasa-there-is-no-asteroid... "

    I come from a religious family, and have since left that part of my life in my past. I am 37 years old man, and have lived through a few end of days scenarios, that where defiantly going to happen. The 80's - 90's where filled with them. Thirty to be exact !xx! And with each one there where a small selective population that where in a panic. These so called prophecies, also was the result in a few suicides. 108/ of 164 was prophesied by religious figures.

    I wont bore you with a long list, but will tease you with a handful of notable recent predictions.

    1910 Camille Flammarion:

    He predicted that the 1910 appearance of Halley's Comet "would impregnate that atmosphere and possibly snuff out all life on the planet", but not the planet itself. "Comet pills" were sold to protect against toxic gases. The comet indicated the Second Coming to many.

    1969 Charles Manson:

    Manson predicted that an apocalyptic race war would occur in 1969 and ordered the Tate-LaBianca murders in an attempt to bring it about. Manson based his prediction on his interpretation of The Beatles' self-titled album.

    2000 Jan 1 A Four Part Prediction:

    1.) Predictions of a Y2K computer bug that would crash many computers and cause malfunctions leading to major catastrophes worldwide, and that society would cease to function.

    2.) An estimated 778 followers of this Ugandan religious movement perished in a devastating fire and a series of poisonings and killings that were either a group suicide or an orchestrated mass murder by group leaders after their predictions of the apocalypse failed to come about.

    3.) Falwell foresaw God pouring out his judgement on the world on this day.

    4.) These Christian authors stated that the Y2K bug would trigger global economic chaos, which the Antichrist would use to rise to power. As the date approached, however, they changed their minds.

    2014 Apr - 2015 Sep John Hagee and Mark Biltz:

    The so-called Blood Moon Prophecy, first predicted by Mark Blitz in 2008 and then by John Hagee in 2014. These Christian ministers claim that the tetrad in 2014 and 2015 may represent prophecies allegedly given in the Bible relating to the second coming of Jesus Christ.


    7 years ago

    This has increased my knowledge. Thanks for posting, and google September 23 2015, tell me what you think about it.

    Download the Pdf for a better formatted guide, with an added section called: Feeding The Beast. Thank you for reading. Sincerely Robby Oddo


    7 years ago on Introduction

    This is great! I love this info! I'd love to see some pictures through your instructable showing some of these techniques!


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you for your comment, I will expand on this greatly in the near future with pictures and more descriptive detail. Have a great day Tomatoskins,