Introduction: A Simple Infrared (IR) Detector

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This is my first Instructables hope so it would be good

We are gonna make a simple IR detector ....

Step 1: Materials You Need...

1) a breadboard

2) a red LED

3) 2 X 1.5v AA batterys

4) A battery holder

5) wires

6) sissors

7) solder gun

8) wire cutter

9) solder wire

10) a switch { if needed as i have not used }

11) a TSOP 1838 IR reciver

12) any IR remote

Step 2: Circuit Diagram ...

TSOP 1838 pinout :-

pin 1 = + VCC

pin 2 = - Gnd

pin 3 = output

Keep in mind you need ONLY 3V as input not more than that....

Step 3: Start Now...

Solder the wires on the battery holder

red wire for positive

and yellow wire for negative { you can also use black wire }

Step 4: SOLDERING...

Solder the TSOP 1838 on to the board carefully and cut it's legs

Step 5: LED....

Now solder the red LED on to the board ..

such as +ive of LED connected to the pin 1 of the TSOP 1838

& -ive of LED connected to the pin 3 of TSOP 1838

Now connect +ive of the battery to the pin 1 of TSOP where +ive of LED is connected ...

Now solder -ive of battery to the pin 2 of TSOP

Step 6: Insert Batterys.....

Step 7: YOU HAVE DONE IT !!!

Take your IR remote and press any key on it, the LED will flash as per the signal transmitted by the IR remote