Introduction: A Simple Mahogany Depth Gauge

My step father is an avid wood turner and we where talking shop one day a couple or months ago and I found out throughout our conversation (yes I was listening and paying attention) that he was in need of a depth gauge to use when turning the cool bowls he makes in his home shop!

I thought this would be a neat project to make while using the box store craftsman philosophy of Re-purposing materials, being a frugal craftsman and filling a need in the shop!

I look through my old woodworking magazines from time to time to find inspiration for my projects and i found such inspiration from a November, 2002 issue of Better Homes and Garden “101 best ever workshop projects” from the editors of “Wood Magazine” pg 46 “heirloom tools”.

I took their concept and scaled it up a bit (I thought it was a little small) and added my own tweaks, while making a full printable template and plans in sketchup (available for download

I presented the finished project to my step father a little earlier than I had planned to due to the fact that he subscribes to my website and would have seen it and spoiled the surprise. This was another fun build and at the same time there is nothing like building a shop tool for a peer (in this case a family member as well) and seeing a big grin come across their face as they see it for the first time and the appreciation in their eyes as they are already putting the tool to work in their mind!

I must say it was very satisfying! I hope you add this tool to your shop or build it for a friend/family member and enjoy the satisfaction of building a great tool and giving it away to someone who will appreciate it!